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At Universal Life University we believe that the educational bias and the economic injustice running rampant through our society has to end! Traditionally, throughout the employment sector, those with the least "formal" education do the hardest, most skilled and technical work.

God bless you if you are a single mother as the president of our college was! She struggled alone with 2 children while trying to work to feed them, support herself, pay tuition, pay back MASSIVE loans, and was expected all the while to study as if she had no other responsibilities.

Universal Life University stands here today, as has for now 7 years, because Dr. Weston does not ever want to see another person struggle endlessly through the excessively high costs of attaining a college degree. Imagine her frustration when she discovered that all she was destined to do, in her career, with her degree of choice...SHE ALREADY KNEW HOW TO DO! To quote Dr. Weston in a recent interview, "I am as qualified and equipped to perform the employment responsibilities required of me today as I was on my 18th birthday. In reflection, I now know that I had absolutely no need for all the formal training that I had endured. Life experience would have carried me just as far."

With this new knowledge in hand ... why on earth pay Twenty Thousand Dollars for a degree that Universal Life University is willing to issue to you for as low as ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS?! We have all been led to believe that the only way to attain a positive professional status is by means of a "typical" time and money consuming college.

We respect your life experience. We believe in the value of it and will issue you a degree for all that you have learned. Universal Life University is a fully~accredited, prestigious University with a 7~year reputable history. We'll be here to verify all your future employer verifications and we'll continue to be here to upgrade your educational status as you choose to grow...AT YOUR OWN PACE!

Meet Our Executive Team
Dr. Rev. Camille Weston, Sr., CEO, President
Dr. Nadia Shapiro ,CFO, Executive Vice~President
Precious Mercedes Weston, Sales Director
Zia Chaundry ,ESQ. Distribution Specialist
Eldress Anita Juanso, Executive Marketing Director

Our Mission Statement
Universal Life University is committed to providing quality, up-to-date degrees and diplomas without discrimination~ to all who have worked hard to achieve life experience in thier field of expertise.

E~mail us today for more info! info@universallifeuniversity.20m.com

Here's our e~mail address: universallifeuniversity@universallifeuniversity.20m.com
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